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"A picture is a poem without words." -Horace

This is simply a portfolo of my favorite pictures and a few musings. I dearly love photography and wish to use this site to learn and grow. Please comment with ideas, thoughts, advice, etc. It is greatly appreciated.





Sometimes words are nice.



The Power of the Pen



The olden days of reading and writing.


Just Another Day on the Spanish Boardwalk

Barcelona, Spain

Autumn in Virginia

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the color that accompanies the death and hibernation of the trees and flowers. I think it is marvelous that such beauty can be found in the ending of a season or a time. There is much that could be said (and probably already has been…for what is new under the sun?) about this metaphor. However, I will not attempt to explain or interpret here; this is simply a celebration of that beauty.


A woman walking through the streets of Cairo.


Precious Moments


My sweet cousin feeding the fish in Atlanta.

The Road Goes Ever On and On


A deserted road in the middle of Arkansas. Another favorite shot.

Italian Innocence

I took  this shot while walking through the streets of Rome. We were  heading to the Trevi Fountain when I spotted this little girl just a ways ahead of us. I sped up and took a couple shots. I edited the photo to make her the obvious focal point and muted the colors of the world around her. If you have seen Schindler’s List, I am often reminded of the little girl in the red coat wandering through a world of black and white.

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures.